Pet of the Week: Charlie

Charlie is a very handsome lad with a glossy black coat, expressive ears and an endearing expression. A lovely happy boy, Charlie is friendly with everyone he meets and likes lots of fuss and attention.

Pet of the Weel: Tarzan

Tarzan is a small and handsome boy with a stunning brindle coat and sweet expression. Friendly with all, Tarzan has a lovely kind nature and loves lots of fuss and affection.

Pet of the Week: Joy

A stunning white and blue girl, Joy has a very loving and sweet nature along with a playful character. Joy has experienced home life briefly and proved to be housetrained and a real lover of home comforts

Pet of the Week: Micky

Micky is a super handsome tall blue boy with a bright, alert expression. A happy, playful and bouncy character, Micky loves his outings and gets very excited to go to new places